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Single Muslim is one of best dating websites for Islam culture. It’s directly dedicated to Muslims and all Allah believers who are in need of finding love and partner to marriage. Established long time ago with over 1 million of users (and counting) is best way to find somebody who shares same religion and passion. It’s a “Halal” choice for love.

What makes this site special?
Single Muslim has been recommended and mentioned by few popular publications and TV shows like: BBC, The Times, abc NEWS, itv which gives a bit of professional feeling into it. Over 1 million of users claim that this is best Muslim dating site and they can’t imagine joining another one. Single Muslim pays big attention to Allah, and they prefer “Halal Love”. It means that parents and family can be involved while making a partner online. It’s a tradition in Muslim culture and this website does not reject it.

Website Design
Single Muslim.com look is a bit chaotic especially on the main page. Too many scroll pictures and videos might give a headache at first but from other hand it seems like this page is trying to give you as many information as possible before you even register.

Sign up button is not that visible but you can perform a quick search before joining in.

Single Muslim is well known dating site across Islamic culture and they do keep best of best features to help their brothers and sister in finding love. Features here are well made and created for better experience in virtual relationships.

Same as Elite Singles or Muslima, this website has a match matching system based on information written in your profile. If you keep your life well and Halal, wearing hijab or looking for somebody with a beard, Single Muslim will introduce perfect candidate as soon as it’s possible.

Having parents and close family involved into your dating life is something really common in Islamic culture and Single Muslim gives such opportunities. If you don’t feel like looking for a partner yourself ask your parents to do it for you and arrange date.

Single Muslim cares about woman a lot, same as Allah did, and if you are a lady there’s no need for you to pay for a membership in order to contact and have full access to the website. If you are a man, then you need to pay however prices are not that high.

For 1 month subscription you need to pay $28.00 and $99.00 for a year.

There’s no mobile application corresponding with Single Muslim.com

Being a part of Single Muslim.com is easy and will take few minutes to fill up basic information. Of course if you are serious about finding partner we do recommend giving some extra time and providing more details about yourself. To create a basic profile you need to have valid e mail address.

Safety and Privacy
Single Muslim seems to be highly popular website so safety and privacy need to be legit and trustworthy. Even though there’s no detail profile verification, you still are able to feel safe and prevented from scam. This site is secured by McAfee security program and had been a great choice for Halal love.

Customer Service
Single Muslim.com provides a high quality customer service. All help is given by dedicated love and Islamic experts so you are in good hands if any matters bother you. If you feel like make a phone call and get answers for your questions it’s possible and phone number is clearly given in Contact Us section. We think this customer support works great.

Final Verdict
Single Muslim is a great choice for all Islamic believers who are truly dedicated to marriage in Allah way. Not only you can find a partner yourself but your family might be involved in this process. It’s a great way to keep traditions even through online dating. With reasonable membership prices for man, and free access for woman, it’s one of best dating sites out there.


  1. I would like to meet someone here

  2. Assalamu calaykum dear muslims am zamra nice to meet you

  3. I give this site a zero rating

    They have harassed and suspended my account under false suspension

    By claiming I have afake profile or some wording I put on my profile is not by their standards Now instead of informing they suspend my account. When I send a reply asking the reason they do not reply. I would advise no one to use this site. This is the first time i have had any real problems but the men on the site they do not scan first I have delete my profile in past as i have had men stalk me and then when i say something about it to customer service my account got suspended but the guy gets to keep his SubhanAllah

    Who ever is running this is not going according to islam at all and going by the all mighty dollar I would advise any one to not use this siter there are bad men on it and when you report it the women are the one get harassed and get account taken not them men .

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