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What “halal date” is?

What “halal date” is?


Halal date is a very complicated term when it comes to dating and love issues along Muslims. As it’s said in Koran, Muslims are not allowed to date at all since it’s dirty and against Allah’s will. Then let’s try to answer a question” Does Muslims date”? Some of them yes, but only in cases if they are expats away from family and friends. In other cases dating is not allowed. The main reason of this is fact that according to Islam if you want to know a person and have an intimate relationship like having sex, first you need to marry that person. Marriage is like a gate to happiness and successful love life.

The first and most important thing in Islamic courting (dating) is marriage. Without being married Muslims do not feel like follow Allah’s words. Obviously they cannot meet somebody randomly without knowing each other even a bit. Such before marriage meetings are usually called as “Halal dates”. A Halal date means it is lawful, ethical and legitimate, with marriage on the agenda. Finding a proper partner for a halal date is a great hardship too. In Islamic culture it’s mostly parents who are taking care of their children’s marriage by presenting proper candidates. When searching a partner Muslims consider 4 attributes: piety, beauty, social status and wealth.

Another effective method of finding partner (as long as the parents’ introduce is not working well) is online dating. As far as it’s focused on finding someone for marriage and exclude long distance cyber relationships it’s fair enough to try this method as well. Dating is not allowed in Islam so while you keep chatting online keep proper conversation about marriage issue and try to avoid any flirt.

Third method is meeting partner through Marriage Bureau, a matrimonial agency which is going to help Muslims introduce themselves for further marriage. However there’s a huge possibility to be paired with someone who do not share same opinion as you about certain issues. This is kind of risk which many young Muslims do not want to take.

Despite of difference in Islamic culture and lifestyle of particular people there’s an accepted theme and process of how Halal date should looks like. First of all single Muslims are introduced mostly by their’ parents or close family members. Sometimes when a boy meet girl she will be secured with her older brother or cousin. It’s forbidden for her to meet alone with a boy without any notice to her family. Second step is the actual meeting. On this meeting people can ask each other questions to get to know more details and future plans and goals. The most important thing here is to keep proper Islamic behavior. Intentions need to be clean and focus on marriage only. Last step is arranging marriage. There’s no engagement party, however obviously a future wife can receive jewelry from husband to be. Most of Muslims decided to marry within a few weeks after successful “Halal date”. It’s common tradition and normal behavior in Islamic culture. There’s no secret meeting before marriage even the couple is about to tie a knot.

After marriage ceremony, couple is allowed to live together and have privacy. Now it’s time for them to have a kid or two, while being happy with each other. That’s almost everything to about how Muslims date. It all begins with Islamic courting and ends with a wedding party and lifetime happy ending.


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