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How Islam religion effects on relationship?

How Islam religion effects on relationship?

Islamic culture is one of greatest in the world. It’s the second religion across the globe right after Christianity which means approximately 3 out of 10 people might be Muslim.

Islam religion is great and powerful indeed however some of their aspects might be slightly different for Western people and not that easy to accept. From work to family and love, Muslims follow Allah’s words and there’s no exceptions for breaking them. When it comes to love and relationship, Koran (Holy Book) has made great regulations and if somebody do not follow them, then has to be excluded and punished. Does Islam itself effect on relationships not only between socializations but also when it comes to love? Of course it does.

Every Muslim, need to follow many rules and guides during lifetime doesn’t matter if it’s at home with closest family or at work with companions. Koran has great effect on relations between people. They can’t get too intimate with colleagues and can’t hang out with them basically. If it’s woman-woman relation it’s allowed to meet and talk. However woman-men relation is not allowed at all since unmarried woman has no rights to hang out with a man who is not supposed to be a candidate for marriage. What’s more it’s strictly forbidden to flirt since flirting has no leads to marriage but just for having fun. Showing affection on strict has no rights too.

When it comes to strictly love relationship between man and woman, Islamic culture is visible as well. Muslims are not allowed to date, hang out to coffee shop or cinema. This is reserved for married couples only. If a woman is going to meet potential partner for marriage she need to be escorted by her guardian (usually father or older brother). There’s no place for secret meetings, privacy or even holding hands. All in all Muslims do not date but just arrange meetings with each other’s families to be accepted for marriage or not.

Sex is something which is allowed only between married couple. Maybe this is one of the reasons why Muslims get married quite early age after meeting potential partner once or twice. Even though love between spouses is strong, they can’t show affection on public because again it’s banned.

Some of young Muslims are trying to get into relationships with somebody from different country or even religion. This trend goes viral since there are more and more online dating sites for Muslims across the world. Muslim man is allowed to “date” (meet a couple of times before actual marriage) a woman from other country who is either Jewish or Christian. This privilege do not count Muslim woman however many of them (especially the ones who are living away from their countries) are trying interracial dates. Even though they know that as long as partners are not Muslim, they can’t get married with them, however such excitement thrill of meeting somebody outside Muslim culture really turns them on.

As we mention before, Islam has a big effect on every day and relationship between Muslims. Not only there’s many rules and regulations to follow but to remember during lifetime. However since Islamic culture spreading widely, people outside this, have no problem in accepting Muslims behavior and their way of living.

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